Children (Ages 4-11)

WNY Karate Center helps children develop the perseverance and determination needed to help them attain greater success in all areas for their lives.  WNY Karate children learn:

  • Self Control and Self Defense
  • Better Focus and Attention Span
  • Improved Coordination and Balance
  • Increased Self Respect, Self Esteem, and Respect for Others
  • The Confidence to say “NO!” to Negative Peer Pressure
  • Practical, Effective Self Defense Techniques, and the importance of never using it to be abusive or offensive (see “Student Creed”)
  • Character Education – “Word of the Week”

At Western New York Karate center, we recognize that children have totally different needs and learn differently than adults, so we do not mix children with adult students.  Our courteous, professional, caring and patient staff of certified Black Belt instructors are chosen for their high energy and unique ability to work well with children.  Our classes are 45-minutes of non-stop action, learning, character education and fun.  Each class begins with reciting the “Student Creed” and ends with repeating the “Black Belt Principles”.  Respect for the instructors and each other is stressed throughout the class. All children are strongly encouraged to bring in their report card to show Sensei Jim,  who will personally discuss it with them.  Students are taught that it is important to do well in school, and many teachers have commented that they see a positive change in the attention span and work habits of students taking our classes. The current schedule of classes can be found here.

Student Creed

I will strive to develop myself in a positive manner, and to avoid anything that will reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

I will strive to develop self-discipline, in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I will strive to use my martial development constructively and defensively, to help myself and others, and never to be abusive or offensive.

Black Belt Principles

Modesty   Courtesy   Integrity   Self-Control   Perseverance   Indomitable Spirit