Our mission is to change people’s lives in a positive way by improving physical fitness, providing character education, enhancing focus and concentration, and building self-confidence, self-control and self-discipline.

We do this by providing high-energy classes, taught by caring and knowledgeable Black Belt Instructors, designed to build endurance, improve flexibility and learn proven self-defense techniques.

The core of Western New York Karate Center is Isshin-Ryu Karate. Isshin-Ryu is a martial arts style which specifically emphasizes:

  • even application of hand and feet techniques
  • short, natural stances without motion or major body shifting
  • low-line kicks, all below the waist
  • close-range techniques useful for street self-defense
  • elimination of “fancy” techniques
  • snap punches and snap kicks

Limbs are extended 90-95% and immediately retracted, preventing strain on the joints.  Unlike other styles, joints are never locked-out. This allows students from ages 5, 15, 50 and up to start this style and do it for the rest of their lives. Other characteristics of Isshin-Ryu karate are:

  • both hard and soft blocking techniques
  • blocks are with the muscular portion of the forearm rather than the bone (like all other styles)
  • fist is formed with the thumb on top of the clenched fist (rather than wrapped over the first two fingers) to prevent the fist from buckling at the wrist on impact
  • the vertical punch is a natural punch just like shaking hands with someone straight up and down
  • there is no twisting like other styles, so there is no tearing of the muscle tissue or twisting of the wrist which makes the punch weaker
  • there is no twisting of the bones (ulna and radius).  The vertical punch increases speed and focus
  • techniques are multi-purpose, allowing a block to become a strike and vice versa
  • both linear and circular movements, both hard and soft techniques
  • techniques are practical and efficient;  “economy of motion”